Character Concept Artist

Department: Character


  • Creating 2D design, functional concepts and key character art for final character looks
  • Creating 3D ZBrush sculpts based on written and picture reference in a range of styles from realistic to stylized.


  • A minimum of 3 years of experience as a Concept Artist on CG shorts, features or commercials
  • Impeccable drawing skills and draftsmanship, anatomy and digital painting skills, with confident composition and color composition skills and creativity
  • High Level ZBrush skills
  • High Level Photoshop skills
  • An open mindset towards learning new and proprietary software
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, open to feedback and teamwork


  • Exceptional traditional art skills
  • Production experience
  • Fast iteration in different detail levels
  • Experience in a diverse range of styles (realistic and stylized)