CG Developer

Department: Development


  • Plugin development for 2D / 3D applications (mainly Maya)
  • Shader writing
  • Developing standalone, production related software and scripts


  •  C / C++ programming is a must
  •  Knowledge of a 3D software's API (roughly in order of importance): Maya, Houdini, 3D Studio Max, Blender
  •  Understanding the API of a render engine and its shading language: GLSL/CG/HLSL, Arnold, OSL, mental ray,    RenderMan
  •  Multithreaded programming:
  •  Thread handling, using syncronization primitives
  •  Experience with a multiplatform multihreading library: TBB, pthreads, openmp


  •  GPU programming experience
  •  Python knowledge
  •  Cross platform programming experience: mostly Windows and Linux environment
  •  Experience with using a source control system
  •  Experience with a GUI toolkit, preferably QT and PythonQT/PySide