Students & Interns


Is there any advice you can give to a student that’s looking for work in the industry?

In our experience, it is inevitably important for all our creative positions to study arts before (or in parallel with) getting acquainted with the hardware and software used. If you don't know anatomy, you can't sculpt with your two hands, then you will not have the eye that’s necessary for sculpting the right shapes with zBrush. The same goes for matte-painting. If you are not a skilled painter, don't know how to use the colours, don’t understand the dynamics of light in an image, then you won't be able to do it using Photoshop either. So, our advice is to learn and develop basic artistic skills, then choose your field of expertise and become the best at it!


Do you accept interns at DIGIC?

Unfortunately, currently we do not accept interns due to our extremely tight production schedules coupled with our limited human resources available to supervise interns. Our professional leaders who should serve as tutors for interns are overloaded by work and would not be able to pay enough attention to the students. Therefore, we cannot take on the responsibility of an internship program for the time being. Please check back later.